Documentation for version v0.10.0 is no longer actively maintained. The version you are currently viewing is a static snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Heptio Ark is now Velero! v0.11 is our first release with the new name. For instructions on migrating your Ark deployments and data to Velero, please see the Upgrade section in the latest version. For more details on the renaming, please read our blog post.

Heptio Ark

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Ark gives you tools to back up and restore your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes. Ark lets you:

Ark consists of:

You can run Ark in clusters on a cloud provider or on-premises. For detailed information, see Compatible Storage Providers.

Breaking changes

Ark version 0.10.0 introduces a number of breaking changes. Before you upgrade to version 0.10.0, make sure to read the documentation on upgrading.

More information

The documentation provides a getting started guide, plus information about building from source, architecture, extending Ark, and more.


If you encounter issues, review the troubleshooting docs, file an issue, or talk to us on the #ark-dr channel on the Kubernetes Slack server.


Thanks for taking the time to join our community and start contributing!

Feedback and discussion are available on the mailing list.

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See the list of releases to find out about feature changes.