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Disaster recovery

Using Schedules and Restore-Only Mode

If you periodically back up your cluster’s resources, you are able to return to a previous state in case of some unexpected mishap, such as a service outage. Doing so with Velero looks like the following:

  1. After you first run the Velero server on your cluster, set up a daily backup (replacing <SCHEDULE NAME> in the command as desired):

    velero schedule create <SCHEDULE NAME> --schedule "0 7 * * *"

    This creates a Backup object with the name <SCHEDULE NAME>-<TIMESTAMP>.

  2. A disaster happens and you need to recreate your resources.

  3. Update the Velero server deployment, adding the argument for the server command flag restore-only set to true. This prevents Backup objects from being created or deleted during your Restore process.

  4. Create a restore with your most recent Velero Backup:

    velero restore create --from-backup <SCHEDULE NAME>-<TIMESTAMP>